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amid of giant● balls which stands before it, climbs aloft an▓d gapes into the yard-wide mouth of the gun.●And under no circumstances does he neglec▓t to creep into the hole of t●he Queen of the Bells, which is in● front of the Ivan Veliky, in ▓which the


re is room for two hundred p

eople. ▓ [Pg 267] We who are not chi▓ldlike muzhiks may not allow ●ourselves such diversions; we

must con●scientiousl

y see all the wonders of this great▓est of all rarities, a thing which● will consume at least a day.▓ We spare the read

er our experi●ences.Even the

treasure-chamber wi●th the coronation insignia and jewels big▓ as one's fist cannot inveigle us


i●nto a d

escription—all that ●could be seen in Berlin or Vienna. Fi●nally, the wonderful beauty of the ▓colossal Church of the Deliverer must here be▓ spoken of.The wo

rk is too un

ique in it▓s nature to allow of being passed over▓ in silence.The church is built apart, is v●isible afar, and forms the gloriou▓s com

pletion of t

he Kremlin picture ▓seen from the Moskva.In its mighty height, wit▓h its colossal, gilded domes, of which the● middle one measures thirty metres in


di●ameter, it lightens like a pr▓omise of the light the gay, romanti▓c air of the

Kremlin.Fifty-eight high re▓liefs in marble ornament the● faade, six